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Brian Blasko

Brian Blasko is a highly motivated, nationally known speaker, trainer and author. His programs have been inspiring individual and organizational growth for 23 years.  He is the “go to” guy when it comes to leadership, motivation, team building and personal development. 

This celebrated author of 2 books: Cruisin’ Through Life At 35 MPH and Sending Signals, has a Masters Degree in interpersonal communication, collegiate-level teaching experience, and is a member of the National Speakers Association. Every year, clients throughout the country depend on Brian to 

re-charge their organization and employees. Brian’s message rings true with organizations and audiences of all shapes and sizes, and his contagious energy encourages others to feel comfortable about themselves and their personal development. 

Driven by his sincere interest in others, and a genuine passion for public speaking, Brian enthusiastically invites you to discover and maximize your own personal potential!

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John Kennedy

John Kennedy has presented to over 500,000 audience members over the last 20+ years and has made a dramatic impact in scores of companies and associations within the agritourism and green industry.


His wide-ranging client list includes Cape May Brewing Company, Marriott Hotels, The Garden Center Group, The Baltimore Ravens, Utah Parks and Recreation, Reston Farm Garden Market, AmericanHort, SummerWinds Garden Centers, The Maryland Wineries Association, and over one hundred local, state and national agritourism and green industry clients & associations of landscapers, growers, nurseries, and garden centers including of course, NAFDMA. John’s reputation as a strategic planner, customer experience consultant and sales accelerator to our industry continues to grow, as does his proven track record of success and repeat partnerships worldwide.


John and his wife Souny have created an online platform that highlights the common purpose shared by all of his clients (wineries, garden centers and farms). Visit www.agritourism.life to find out more.

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Elaine Froese

As a certified farm family business transition coach, Elaine specializes in helping farm families work through the tough issues to take action. Elaine works with families to find harmony through understanding. She creates a safe place for families to meet, plan for change and be able to formulate next steps for transition success.

Faith Today magazine has dubbed her “Canada’s Farm Whisperer”. She recently was awarded the Farm Mgt. Canada Wilson Loree Award for excellence in Farm Business Management. 4-H Canada awarded Elaine their first Most Distinguished Alumna award. Elaine is an award-winning author of 5 books. Her online course “Get Farm Transition Unstuck” helps procrastinating farmers deal with the emotional factors affecting planning. She farms with her husband, son and daughter in-law in southwestern Manitoba at Boissevain, on a certified seed farm. 2020 was their 43rd crop. Her latest joy is being “grandma”. Elaine’s goal is to empower family, increase profit and secure legacy as she provides practical communication tools for farm families across North America.Visit www.elainefroese.com. @elainefroese, FB and Youtube : “Farm Family Coach”

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Joe Baer

Joe Baer is the Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director of ZenGenius, Inc., which provides Visual Merchandising, Special Events and Creative Direction. His career encompasses over thirty years of experience working with many of the top retailers. His passion, drive and enthusiasm for visual merchandising and amazing retail experiences leads him to motivate and energize audiences around the world.

Joe engages his audiences and creates experiential learning situations. He is well known for leading the annual Iron Merchant Challenge at IRDC to celebrate visual merchandising as an important aspect of retail design. Joe created ZenGenius with a vision to bring the knowledge of Visual Merchandising to the world and provide a unique type of creative support to retailers and businesses. ZenGenius is celebrating over 20 years of creative genius!

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Lauren Goble

Lauren grew up on a cow-calf operation in middle Georgia and is now the third generation to be involved in farming. She and her husband have a tree farm where part of the cow-calf operation was. Agriculture has always been a part of Lauren’s life and she understood its importance, so it shocked her when she started teaching school and realized that her students did not know where their food or fiber came from! Lauren made it her mission to make her elementary aged students ag literate during her 8 years of teaching. In 2015, she was recognized as the Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year by Georgia Farm Bureau.


In 2016, she was awarded the National Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award by USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the National Agriculture in the Classroom Consortium. In 2016, Lauren became a field rep. for Georgia Farm Bureau where she worked with 16 counties to implement state programs on the county level. In 2018, Lauren was promoted to Educational Program Coordinator for Georgia Farm Bureau where she now oversees the Ag in the Classroom Program and the mobile ag. classroom.

Scott Skelly

Scott Skelly probably should have gotten a job that required fixing or sitting behind a computer all day, but then he would have had to sit behind a computer all day. He’s a geek who’s determined to find a way to make any job easier with a computer. Fortunately at Skelly’s Farm Market in Janesville, WI, Scott takes on the role of managing the tech and software used by the farm among many other jobs at the farm. Skelly’s is a three season farm open from June through October for strawberries, sweet corn, summer produce, fall pumpkins and fun.

Kerrie Ward

Kerrie Ward works as Manager of Pick-Your-Own operations at Tougas Family Farm LLC in Northborough, Massachusetts. Tougas Family Farm is a 120 acre fruit farm that offers pick-your-own strawberries, cherries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, blackberries, apples, and pumpkins. Kerrie began her employment at the farm when she was 16 years old, working in the PYO fields and farm kitchen, along with doing field work in the Spring. This season marks her 23rd year working with the Tougas family, affectionately referred to as her “Farmily”. Over the years she has seen the farm transform from the “ol’ days” of running cash registers off of car batteries and selling peach boxes out of a van, to a booming business accommodating thousands of pickers a day, with a bustling Farm Store and Kitchen. Kerrie believes that the key to the farm’s success is being versatile, adapting with the changing times, working and playing hard, and trying out new ideas.

Melanie Diehl

Professional speaker and award-winning digital marketer Melanie Diehl is passionate about helping business owners achieve massive results online. Melanie has appeared on NBC News, Influencive, and Funnel Magazine, and has worked with the NC Dept of Ag, the Grow with Google program, NCSU, and hundreds of small businesses. She is especially proud of an email campaign that resulted in an 800% increase in sales for a long-term client and the thousands of attendees she’s met at her speaking events.