Cruisin’ Through Life At 35 MPH

Brian Blasko

Life is a journey…enjoy the ride! This exciting program offered by Brian Blasko invites you to discover and maximize your own personal potential. Our lives and careers are like vehicles, and we are the engines that keep them running smoothly. Come learn how to gain some “fuel” for your internal gas tank.

While traveling on this journey, Brian will share strategies for successful leadership, teamwork and personal growth. The strategies have all been test-driven and proven road-worthy. Do not let life’s little road blocks keep you stuck on the side of the road. Come have some fun and learn how to push your pedal to the metal! Cruisin’ Through Life At 35 MPH is a delightful road trip.


The program content will inform participants on a variety of leadership strategies they can use everyday. Learning/Behavioral Objectives:

  • Learn how create trust, rapport and credibility with others  

  • Take more initiative in job related and personal life situations

  • Learn how to keep self-esteem levels “full”

  • Understand the positive benefits of “change”

  • Learn how to stay motivated and positive in your working environment

  • Learn the benefits of taking the driver’s seat and setting the pace as a leader


The Car Key Factor: Successful Relationship Building

Brian Blasko

Effective communication is the “key” to successful relationship building. In this fun-filled, informative program, Brian Blasko invites you to discover and examine the four unique personality styles that we communicate with daily. This high-energy session will take you on an unforgettable journey into the mind of a 4x4, Volvo, Sports Car and Minivan. Come find out what vehicle you, your staff and most importantly…your clients/customers portray.  

During this session you will learn the characteristics and attributes of the four general personalities we interact with every day. We will discuss their motivators and downfalls and what makes them tick. This seminar will show you how to interact effectively with customers, coworkers and family members.  People are like cars and we need to be using the right KEY to start their engines.


The program content will inform participants on a variety of leadership strategies they can use everyday. Learning/Behavioral Objectives:

  • Using clear and concise communication

  • Learn the difference between communication vs. perception

  • Understand why “pink cows” are important!

  • Learn how to successfully “read” signs of connection

  • Create a comfort zone with others

  • Learn how to resolve conflict during interpersonal communication          


Leading from the Middle

John Kennedy

Join John Kennedy as he addresses the new thought-provoking look at leadership in today’s economy. The hierarchy of yesterday's corporate org chart is being flattened and the “new now” of management and leadership demands a new approach. John will dive deep into the four levels of leadership, the three qualities of a successful leader, and how vision, values and volition can provide the right environment for emerging or existing leaders to drive impact and relationships within their teams.

John will also have bonus material available on our NAFDMA Summit site to bring a deeper understanding of the most important element of leadership—Engagement!

Visual Merchandising: A Profit-Driving Sensory Experience

Joe Baer

Visual Merchandising, known as the science behind sales, is the art and science of arranging and displaying your products and services to entice customers, create a positive brand image, and maximize your sales. How products are displayed and presented to your customers impacts how they value the products, the brand, and ultimately their decision to purchase a product or walk away. During this session, attendees will view examples of compelling displays, review visual merchandising basics and consider other ways to engage the senses to create customer loyalty and drive sales.

Getting Students Excited About Agriculture!

Lauren Goble

Did you know that most students are 3-4 generations removed from agriculture? It’s extremely important that students are not only exposed to agriculture but actively take part in agriculture education. Join Lauren as she shares quality resources/websites, engaging ag-tivities and exciting ideas that can be used on the farm, in the classroom or virtually. By the end of this workshop you’ll be ready to interact with a group of elementary aged students and get them motivated to learn more about agriculture!

Email Marketing: From Fine to Fantastic!

Melanie Diehl

You already know email marketing has an average 38x ROI. You know there’s gold in your list. And now you’re ready to take your efforts to the next level and get the fantastic results you want and need. Learn the latest tips and trends to increase brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and increase conversions using email marketing.

Creating a Strong Culture of Communication

John Kennedy

John expands on his earlier topic with the vital piece of the leadership puzzle—Communication. Here we will learn the three basic needs humans have and how we can feed the need through the Law of Connection. John will also highlight a wonderful company workplace culture that celebrates communication and does it in a way that brings both clarity and focus to the team. Creating systems of communication is as important as the interpersonal skills necessary to allow maximum team engagement.


Living an Intentional Life

Elaine Froese

Each day as farmers and managers, we make a choice to have a learner mindset or a judger one. We are either going for it, or about to crash with disappointment in the doldrums. How do we transition out of burnout tendencies and let go of what's not working, hold on to what’s important, and take on new systems or ways of being and doing? Elaine Froese is a seasoned certified coach with a map called “The Cycle of Renewal” to help your team navigate getting ready for achieving your dreams, aligning with your cherished beliefs and being more profitable. Understand that the tension of work and play is a polarity: an issue that is never solved completely, but smart farmers know it always has to be managed.


Session Solutions:

  • Learn to identify whether you are reaching alignment with your vision or falling away feeling trapped

  • Chart ideas for a better sense of family life balance with a role map

  • Embrace simple ways to be intentionally self-renewing and let go of what’s not working

  • Command effective family/team meetings to assess actionable next steps

  • Grab hold of 3 strategies that would help you embrace change as a great option

  • Create a new storyboard for your life to remind you of the next steps

  • Employ mini-transitions knowing what you need to take on for success


Explore Online Booking Software: Bookeo and AgPRO Book-IT

Scott Skelly & Kerrie Ward

Whether its field trips, birthday party rentals, or tours, pre-booking can be time consuming. Yet, with the right software these processes can be streamlined. Bookeo and AgPRO Book-It are two of the more popular booking tools used by NAFDMA members. In this session, Scott and Kerrie will share how their farms use this software to create a variety of different bookings with lots of customization and optional payment collection. From customizing the booking process to using data from past bookings to market again, learn the core features and how these pieces of software can optimize your bookings.